Priorities. Kevin has them.

people seem to be interpreting this scene as channing being more concerned about going to her safety school than about being possessed by a demon, but like I seriously don’t even read this scene in that way

to me channing’s “what?!” is just her like. legit being confused. she doesn’t know where the hell she is; kevin’s suddenly showed up out of nowhere; he tells her all this that she’s not expecting at ALL—like wouldn’t your reaction be “what?!”

and people are making fun of kevin’s sense of “priorities” but like.  from when kevin was introduced, it’s really clear that he and channing both were extremely focused and oriented on academics and college, and if that’s the #1 thing in her life, I don’t see why it’s ~*funny*~ that he’s bringing it up.  if she was thinking about college 24/7 then like. why not have that be the first thing that he brings up?

and like, AS a person who’s asian-american and gone through the college application process and who KNOWS what kind of pressure there is to get into your dream school and what kind of almost sense of shame there is about going to your safety school? like yeah that can seriously be something soul-crushing and I’ve seen many of my friends go into depressive spirals because they’ve had to go to their safety schools instead of their dream schools.  

so for kevin to be able to say “it’s gonna be okay”?  shows an ASSTON of character development from the hyperfocused college tunnel vision that he had from the beginning when he was introduced.

because you know what?  that’s something that hyperfocused and academically-oriented asian-american students aren’t told.  we’re not told that things are gonna be okay.  we’re told that we have one life trajectory and that’s it, deviations from that trajectory? nope not possible not gonna happen.

we need people to tell us it’s gonna be okay even if things don’t go the way we want them to.  we need to understand ourselves that there are more options out there than what our parents/what society’s dictated for us.

is2g kevin tran’s shown more character development in like three episodes than the winchesters have in eight seasons.

I actually had no idea what a safety school is so I was so very confused by that line (so thanks for clarifying 8D)

Gosh I like Kevin already and ^this is a big part of why

I’m just really upset that Channing was only used as a ‘tool’ and then got killed off  8( On the other hand, I am glad he denied Crowley’s offer (which led to her death) because for once, someone isn’t being an idiot.

I’m ready for more, bring it on season 8!

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