‘peter and the wolf’ by paperlait


peter and the wolf’ by paperlait

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Motherboard Earth by Alain Bousquet

Encoded in our DNA is the organic circuitry of life, programming everything from our physical structure to the hardwired commands needed to run, fight, or play. Alain’s series of interlaced circuits create a user interface for the abstract ideas we use to build our world.

Artist: Behance / Website

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Anatomy lesson of Dr Frederik Ruysch | Jan van Neck
Anatomy Lesson of Doctor Willem van der Meer in Delft | Pieter van Mierevelt
Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp | Rembrandt
Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Frederik Ruysch | Adriaen Backer
The Osteology Lesson of Dr. Sebastiaen Egbertsz | Nicolaes Eliaszoon Pickenoy
Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Willem Röell | Cornelis Troost
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Jan Deyman | Rembrandt
Agnew Clinic | Thomas Eakins
Heart’s Anatomy | Enrique Simonet
Der Anatom (The Anatomist) | Gabriel von Max

why is this so hilarious

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Play and Book Covers by Charles Chaisson.

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Superhero Media Crossovers by Butcher Billy

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Scott Wills


~JonoDry, an entirely self-taught artist, uses pencil on paper to create these incredibly realistic pieces.

Check out his gallery here

I love how the first one is basically Escher fanart:

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Instead of screeching about “holy shit I thought it was a photo,” have a look at some really fantastic hyperrealism and be educated that it exists, people do it, and it’s pretty cool.

Lee Price, Roberto Bernardi, Luigi Benedicenti, Pedro Campos, Jason de Graaf, Denis Peterson, Jeremy Geddes, Gottfried Helnwein

There are many many more amazing realism artists out there. Start with Caravaggio and keep going. :)

“Instead of expressing your genuine surprise and innate awe on your first impression of a painting as is natural, do these things I tell you to do instead because you are a philistine and I need to tell you how to think.”

listen for fuck’s sake if you think being an artistic elitist is great go shoot yourself because for fuck’s sake if people are surprised and awed then what the fuck is wrong with that? why can’t people do that? isn’t that one of the purposes of art? for crying out loud you know what let people think what they want about these photos because obviously they’ve THOUGHT about something a response has been generated and that’s a job well done holy shit I fucking HATE elitist sumbitches

if you want people to be “educated” about art then that implies that there’s a certain methodology to doing it and that there’s a “right” way and then that therefore completely removes the importance of learning things your own way holy jesus oh my god fuck this i fucking cannot stand this 

oh so sorry people don’t react to art in the way you deem suitable go fuck yourself OP

*headdesk* Thanks for putting all those words in my mouth and taking this post completely out of context.

Holy crap people can be such idiots. How do they get from “hey these people draw REALLY photorealistic stuff go check it out!” to “omg u so dumb u don’t even no these peepz omg fuk u”? it remains a mystery.

But man, that’s some creepily realistic stuff.

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ahuu koan was so cute